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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas, a special time of year

Christmas is a special time of year. You hear it on all the radio's, T.V. and what ever electronic devise you have.. Last minute shopping, new products, anything your heart desires.. you just have to have the funds to buy it..

The least expensive gift to give is your friendship, and caring for one another.. This is the time of year to say Thank you, to Help, to Share feelings, ideas, and for Giving.. Some times the hardest is giving of ones self.. Looking at the years past,, I can say I have been blessed to have many friends.

It is a precious gift, the sharing of oneself.. I have a card file for the Christmas cards sent & received .. some go back to the 1960's. Also I keep the file cards of friends that have passed on.

Might seem strange, but I feel this is a special time to remember them. The fun or the serious moment we shared.

What new friends will the New Year bring? Will I call them friends or acquaintances. Will they be like ships in the night, just passing by..

There are so many wonderful poems and sayings about friendships.. Each one must be held close to the heart..

From my heart to yours, Have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful, healthy, Happy New Year.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Turkeys, near a Pear Tree

We were driving home, and a gaggle of ( I know geese) or a herd of Turkeys were on a neighbors front yard.. Sorry if they are a bit blurred, but they were starting to run.. Further down the road the old pear tree, that must have been planted in the days of the prospectors and large ranchers had lost it's leaves and the pears are showing up..
Is this anything like "a Partridge in a Pear Tree". There used to be an old wagon road down the valley where we live. The road winds down till it's dead end.. The local Indians used to camp along this part of the river and the Prospectors used to pan for gold.. and still do in some areas.

No, we have not found any gold.. Our part of the river is like an ocean beach all sand, and we don't have the equipment/knowledge to look for it. Maybe some day!
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rio, the Search and Rescue Dog and Ralph

Yes, they have a permit.. Time to gather wood... I am not a brave person when it comes to driving the roads in the mountains with truck and trailer.. Ralph and Jean were up doing the hard work.. Rio is watching the work from a safe distance.. They were tired at the end of the day..
Ralph and I did gather another trailer load later in the month.. Now, it is hard, because of all the rain and some snow at the higher elevations, but our house is warm.
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Windows in Austria

No, we have not been there lately. But many years ago Ralph and I traveled in Austria. I was making a fabric postcard for an exchange and thought of the window series I photographed while we traveled.. It does bring to mind some thoughts.. about life. Are we leading a closed life with our windows closed, do we shut people out like the shutters on this wonderfully textured building.
Or, do we open our windows, let the breezes blow through clearing out the cobwebs of our minds. Being open to new thoughts, beautiful creations, wonderful new friendships, and open to new opportunities.. The New Year is coming, what do we want to make of it?
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sierra Mountain Rose

Opportunity Tickets are on sale now.. and through May. Mark you Calendars NOW for the Sierra Mountain Quilt Show. May 14 & 15 in Oakhurst. This beautiful Quilt is Hand-made, pieced and hand appliqued ( 90" X 90"). You need not be present to win. Contact one of the SMQA members or watch for the sales of tickets in town. Check out the SMQA web site for more details.. This quilt will be shown at Road to California.
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Blessings on Thanksgiving.

I guess the most popular photo is of the Turkey whole. But I carved it before I thought of the photo op.. and even clean plates at this time.. Hope everyone is where they wish to be on this the beginning of the Season of family and friends.. Gratitude is what we need to think of at a time when the news is a bit too scary to even contemplate.. We must look closer at hand, and be thankful for each day, and the family and friendships that we share with each other.. We are rich, when we look at it from that perspective. I hope each of you are with the person you care about and those that are not enjoy wonderful memories and love.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Water -Source of Life- Exhibition

Come join the fun at the Water Source of Life Exhibition of wonderful Juried art showing in Oakhurst.. You will be surprised by the variety of art represented.. Some has been sent from the far sides of the U.S.A. in all directions. Reception will feature many of the artists, so if you have a question about technique or inspiration they will probably be there to chat with you. Munchies and music, enjoy an evening of fun and laughter.
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall in the Mountains

When we built our house, we wanted some trees that showed color in the Fall. This Liquid Amber is one that we planted when we first settled here.. I have several others, but this made the best photo. The rock is from the time they dynamited the area for the house.. This is only one of many rocks. Love clear skies and cool days...
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Asilomar, California- Back Porch Fabrics.

Back Porch Fabric, Look they have "1000 Artisan Textiles" My quilt is featured in this inspirational book. If you have a chance be sure to take a look or purchase.
Asilomar is a wonderful State owned Conference Center. Perfect for our group of 9 quilters to meet, annually. Some come from Northern Ca., So. Cal, one from Kentucky, and me, from Yosemite area.. The smell of the sea, and the thunder of the waves, absolutely fantastic! Hope you are enjoying your self. Yes, getting a little quilting done, wonderful walks on the sand...and munching too much..
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tony Redhouse, Native American Flute Festival

What a fantastic celebration at the Native American Flute Festival in Oakhurst, Calif.. Tony Redhouse preformed music from one of his CD's, Journey to the Four Winds, ( yes, I bought that one )on Fri. night, and he was just one amongst a group of talented flute artists. The festivities were Fri, Sat & Sun in the Oakhurst Park.. with concerts on Fri and Sat. night at the high school auditorium. I will call them concerts, because of the variety of musical instruments demonstrated.. All the musicians played pieces that are on their CD's. I purchased more then I ever had, and was overwhelmed again with variety of flutes, and sounds.

A dear friend of mine was a vender again this year.. Nash makes a unique ceramic flute.. Next year I want to purchase one..actually there is a long wish list of flutes I would love to have..

There is a monthly flute circle at the Positive Living Center in the 3rd Thurs. evening. I have another commitment that evening,, or would love to attend. I hear about all the fun that they have..

I bought a CD called Comanche Peak by Tim Blueflint, and two by a beautiful young women named Rona Yellow Robe, she sang and played her multitude of flutes.. I love it when they tell the story about each flute and explain the differences.
"Voices of the Trees", and "Create your World" are the 2 that Rona brought.

Each artist has a table or stand next to them with an array of flutes, each flute made by different craftsman. They tell their history of how they came to this destination in life, what the flute means to them, a little about their family. Each has a special journey to share, maybe this is what I enjoy as much as the music, the total sharing.

This is an annual event, if you love the Native American Flute or would just like to learn about it, save the week-end in Sept. Next year it will be a Word Music event with many more types of instruments..
This is a wonderful opportunity for our younger citizens to be inspired by beautiful music in the mountains.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Coarsegold, New Lights- MALCO

This is the Intersection of 415 and 41 with the new directional signals. Well, not so new now. We moved to Coarsegold about 10 years ago and the County was talking about installing lights then. There were the political woes to over come, and the feeling that our country atmosphere would be in jeopardy. Not so.. In the last year it has improved the flow and made entrance onto the highway safer. A good thing after all the discussion.

Now let me side step that issue to talk about a group I had never heard about. MALCO. We had speakers Mr. Jim Weiss and Howard Cavil, at our P.E.O. Chapter meeting tell us all about their volunteer group. They assist and tutor English to non English speaking people that really want to learn to read our language.. They told some very interesting stories about the perseverance and how these people feel privileged to be in our country and have the opportunities that go with living here. The people that seek out the teachers at MALCO are determined to become better citizens and understand that they must be able to speak, read and write be understood and to have better paying jobs.. There are many Americans that have trouble reading and want to improve their skills also.

This is why I chose the photo that I took at the corner of highway 41 & 415.. If you wanted to go to Raymond and could not read the sign to turn right, where would you be? Seems easy for those of us, that don't have that problem. If you would like to help tutor, contact malcotutor@gmail.com . This is a free program for people of all ages in Eastern Madera County.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yosemite Flute Festival- Sept. 24-26

It is that time of year again.. Native American Flute Festival, aka Yosemite Flute Festival is coming to Oakhurst September 24-26. Linda and Rick are our wonderful organizers. I have never heard such beautiful music before, and the variety of flutes, wonderful booths, and friendly people.

I had my notes all ready, but can not seem to find them, to tell you all about the drums that Rick makes.. Come early or they will be sold out. Besides organizing this great Festival, Linda crochets all the purses, and flute carriers. If you want to find out more go to their web site, or to buy tickets contact Rick/ Linda Dunlap, 559-641-5980, or just come and buy the tickets on Fri. If they are not all sold out.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aging in Place - Jamie

This week at our P.E.O. Meeting, Jamie Blair, one of our members gave a wonderful talk on "Aging in Place'. Something Ralph and I had given some thought to 10 years ago, when we moved to and built our home in Coarsegold.. Just did not know that there was a title to what we were doing.

For instance, when you sought out a place to live in later in life, did you give some consideration to: Natural , and Social environment. Yes, we all look for a wonderful house to live in, a great view, but consideration of a simple thing like stairs for our later years..

Most of us here, did think about the weather, snow, rain, heat.. but no place is perfect, and then how close do you want to be to your family, kids, grand kids etc.. So this is how the general discussion went with Jamie. She told us all about the studies she made of families that have lived in this area for over 30 years.. It was fascinating. Thank you Jamie.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bear in the Woods

We had a delightful family visit us for a few days.. They went off to visit Yosemite, and had a wonderful time.. Before they left I suggested that they make sure they did not have any food in their car.. Because the bears just love tearing cars apart for the treats left behind, even in a cooler. "Are there really Bears?".... This is the photo they sent me after returning home.. Thankfully, the Bear is walking away, and they did not have any car damage. Come visit and enjoy it is a wonderful experience sharing with nature.. just don't leave any food in your vehicle.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Southern Ca. Cactus, Dana Point, & Laguna

We visited family in So. Calif. Grand kids graduations. Had a little time to run to Laguna Beach, and Dana Point. I fell in love with this cactus. Probably only lives at the ocean, because I have not seen that type here in the mountain garden shops.
I fell in love with this brick wall in Laguna, the patterns, texture and color.
It is such fun looking at all the types of "boats", some I might even categorize as ships. Gentle breeze, sea gulls, and blue sky.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coarsegold Historic Museum Fund Raiser

We were pleased and delighted to have the Cadets from the Yosemite High School present the colors for the opening of our 7th annual Fund Raiser, Art Music, Dinner in the Meadow. We had several venders, showing a variety, plants, buttons, yarns from Unraveled in Oakhurst, Crafts, Children's area and Photography. The barbecued chicken dinner was delicious, thanks to our great cooks and servers.

The Sierra Mountain Quilts displayed their Cuddle Quilts on the outside of the Picayune School House. Chuckchansi Yokut Indians and other children from the area attended classes here from 1913-1956. Our newest Opportunity Quilt was inside having the binding finished. It is beautiful combination of piecing and applique, the tickets are now on sale.. Drawing will be May 2011. When I get a full photo of it I will post it.
Busy day tomorrow, Hanging a show at the Positive Living Center Book Store.
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Summer in the mountains- tourists

Tourist season in the mountains... The buses are arriving.. This is just a few of the buses that stop at our grocery stores in Oakhurst. Giving the people a moment to stretch their legs and purchase something to eat, drink etc.. I think it is fun to hear the different languages spoken, and sometimes I chat with people from Holland.. My parents were born there and I miss hearing Dutch spoken.. Not many relatives left in that beautiful country. I would love to visit there again and see the tulips. Ralph and I had a short stay eons ago, with my aunt in Amersfoort.. I understand they built a new train station there..The old one was lovely, with small tables covered with small carpets. You could sit and eat a snack or have something to drink while you waited for some one to pick you up.. I saw a picture in a magazine of the new one. It is beautiful with lots of glass and brick..
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Red Hot Poker and Iris

I love the Spring when all the flowers start to bloom, the trees get shiny new leaves, and the sky is a wonderful blue.. Down side, the weeds are growing twice as tall in all the rain.. and we have had to clear twice instead of waiting and doing it once.. Joys of the country living. A friend gave me a few of her Red Hot Poker plants,, and they are spreading, So this year, there must have been at least 10
of them.. The birds hang on, peck away, and swing in the wind . It is delightful to watch.
Iris are all around in various colors.. I think my husbands favorite is a chocolate Iris,, probably because it reminds him of ice cream.. We purchased a new one called Blue Suede Shoes... Have to decide where to plant it..
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June 5th, Coarsegold Historical Museum Fund Raiser

"As We Were Told" is a wonderful history of Eastern Madera County as told by the people and families that are living here. The second volume is hot off the presses. Both books will be available to purchase at our Annual Fund Raiser on June 5th, Art, Music, Dinner in the Meadow.

We will have Quilts, Knitting displays, Plants, Rusty Farm Equipment, Docent led tours, Raffles, and Prizes. Tickets are available locally and are only $15.00 for hours of fun. Don't forget this includes your dinner and music by the String Bandits. We will be raffling off our Patriotic Red, White and Blue Quilt, be sure you have your tickets.. We will also be at the Peddlers Fair in Coarsegold, over the holiday week-end, come by the booth and say hi... and purchase your tickets.

Believe it or not, this is a washing machine,, I am so glad I am living now.. that really looks dangerous.. Come see this and so much more at our museum, docents will be happy to show you around.. If any questions call 559-642-4448
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Litter, no one reads?

We have our beautiful country side, and we have to remind people not to throw things out the windows. We had our community litter clean up a few weeks ago. It is truly amazing what you find on the road side.. Last year we found a $10.00 bill, wish that would happen more often, we could get more volunteers. Usually it is lots of cigarette butts, cans, paper, and I will not go into the gruesome stuff.

This monitor was thrown out about 10 ft. from the sign about Litter, and next to our mail boxes..
Remember, some one has to pick it up, if it falls on the ground, and with the $$ cut backs it falls to the citizens to keep the county picked up..
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red Bud Trees at Boot Tree Ranch

We have had some wonderful rain, but today it is blue sky's and flowering trees. Just perfect for the Easter week-end. We have 4 Red Bud trees on our property and I love them. They flower after the Flowering Plum Tree. Spring is popping out all over.. Green fields and water in the river! Hope it continues to rain off and on till May.. we need the water. Have a wonderful Easter week-end and for those that are out of school, enjoy the family moments.
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