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Monday, September 13, 2010

Coarsegold, New Lights- MALCO

This is the Intersection of 415 and 41 with the new directional signals. Well, not so new now. We moved to Coarsegold about 10 years ago and the County was talking about installing lights then. There were the political woes to over come, and the feeling that our country atmosphere would be in jeopardy. Not so.. In the last year it has improved the flow and made entrance onto the highway safer. A good thing after all the discussion.

Now let me side step that issue to talk about a group I had never heard about. MALCO. We had speakers Mr. Jim Weiss and Howard Cavil, at our P.E.O. Chapter meeting tell us all about their volunteer group. They assist and tutor English to non English speaking people that really want to learn to read our language.. They told some very interesting stories about the perseverance and how these people feel privileged to be in our country and have the opportunities that go with living here. The people that seek out the teachers at MALCO are determined to become better citizens and understand that they must be able to speak, read and write be understood and to have better paying jobs.. There are many Americans that have trouble reading and want to improve their skills also.

This is why I chose the photo that I took at the corner of highway 41 & 415.. If you wanted to go to Raymond and could not read the sign to turn right, where would you be? Seems easy for those of us, that don't have that problem. If you would like to help tutor, contact malcotutor@gmail.com . This is a free program for people of all ages in Eastern Madera County.
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  1. Good info...I did volunteer to teach about 10 years ago...it was a rewarding experience...I recommend it...
    hug, hug