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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bull Pine Root,

Great neighbor with a tractor.. Thank you Monty. We cleared and planted before a gentle rain fell. Our lower field is where we keep 4 llama's. Every winter our dear neighbor comes over and helps my husband Ralph, plow this field, and we throw grass seed. If we could we would keep the llamas out while the seed spouted, but it is not possible, so they think it is time to roll all over. I am waiting for the day that we have grass seed sprouting from their fur. It will not be "Green Eggs and Ham", but "Green Grass Llama's in Hay". This year Monty pulled out a Bull Pine root that was in the middle of the field.. It was covered with ants.... made us itch to look at it.. Enjoy your New Years!!!
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Beauty, Oakhurst

My friend Janna woke up to a world of snowy beauty.. however, they forgot to leave the faucet dripping.. and the pipes were frozen. A reminder to us also.. They get more snow then we do and they are only about 10 miles away. Looks like a winter wonderland. Enjoy the holiday season where ever you are.
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