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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Art Quilt Mural.- Oakhurst- Ca.

 More details about the Art Quilt Mural on my Creates- blog

    Jacqueline Kurt with Michael from the sign company, hanging each piece of art very carefully.

My finished piece, ready to hang. 3 coats of Primer both sides, 5 coats of Kelly- Moore house paint
for each color.
Jacqueline had worked out where the holes would be on each piece and the types of screws and bolts for the building, all preset..
Everything went off beautifully each board slid on without hesitation.

I had plans for this blog, but life is busy, so check in with "Creates" or my Facebook.
Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coarsegold Historic Museum

Lots going on at the Coarsegold Historic Museum, and soon the summer hours will be in effect.
Watch for announcements, or call Monday mornings 559-642-4448. Check out the local tours, and the Museum is sponsoring  River Boat tours in Europe. What could be more exciting than to travel with your friends?


The Picayune School has a wonderful school house bell.  It originated from the Polk School, that was on 400 and 415 in Coarsegold.  Lots of exciting local history. The old Adobe is under repair and plans are that it will be open for
the June 7th.Celebration.  Be sure to buy tickets for the Music in the Meadow.

Last year two amazing bands played all afternoon 12-4 and they will be back on June 7th.  Come dance, eat and laugh. Tickets will be available for purchase for this special celebration in the near future.

Did you know there are picnic benches under beautiful oaks?  Take a break from your busy day, and bring your lunch and make it a delightful day at the Coarsegold Historic Museum.

Don't forget to bring your visiting friends.  No charge for all this, but we would appreciate a donation.

Check us out on Facebook.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Children's Hospital- Ronald McDonald House.

Pop Tops,   Do you save them?  For many years now, we have been saving pop tops. They don't just come off of soda cans. There are soup cans, and tuna cans, just look around your kitchen. They are easy to collect, and clean.

Eons ago, when we lived in Orange Co. a dear lady at our P.E.O  Chapter GB, told us how if you save pop tops Ronald McDonald House receives monies for them.  So it started about 20 plus years ago for me.
When we moved to Coarsegold, I mentioned that to my P.E.O. Chapter GZ, and from then on, they shared pop tops with me and we deliver them to Ronald McDonald House periodically.

I can't remember how much one pound of pop tops were 20 years ago, but I remember when we started here 13 years ago that it was .42 cents. It is now $1.00, a pound.

I receive them from friends that have grandkids and families that I don't even know.
They come in baggies, or in 1 gal. plastic containers.

Every few months on our way to Fresno, we drop by Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and drop off the pop tops. They are weighed  I keep track with a receipt.. usually it is about 6 lbs. This time the value was $6.25.  Great donation that for family participation.

Share this with children and grand children, friends and neighbors. It is easy, it is clean and goes to such a good cause. It teaches that even the small things in life are worth something.

Do you have a Children's Hospital near you?  Check it out.  Every little pop top helps.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I was just notified by Studio Art Quilt Ass. that my  "Sunflower Flair" just sold to a collector.
This is exciting, as it is the same collector as last year.

You can still get in a wonderful 12 " X 12" quilted art piece, if you hurry to the web site for the auction. 
Thank you for supporting Studio Artists.  See their exhibit at Pacific International Quilt Show in October in Calif. 
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sierra Mountain Quilters, Speaking on Thurs. Evening.

Vivian Helena Aumond- Capone will be giving a trunk show and telling about her quilts at the Sierra Mountain Quilt Guild Meeting, Thurs. Sept. 12, that is right this Thurs. at the Oakhurst Community Center in the Pavilion building. There will be a donation of $5.00 for the guild. Meeting starts at 6, with a short business meeting for the guild.

"From the Traditional to the Art Quilts" will show the development of my quilt art from the 1980, to the present. No, will not show every quilt, but just the ones that you might be interested in. I will talk a little about how, the quilt develops. The steps it takes and some techniques.
If you have any questions email me at: vivianhelena@sti.net.

I am also a member of Sierra Art Trails, and an artist at Timberline Gallery.

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Exhibit, Timberline at Gallery Row, Oakhurst.

There was a big celebration at Gallery Row, celebrating and thanking all the wonderful friends  and artists that have shared the dream of having a new colorful Public Art Piece in Oakhurst.

There was a wonderful article in our local paper. Chris Sorenson was able to celebrate and accept lots of congratulations for it's construction. I will not go into details at this time because you all know who you are the energy behind the scenes, movers and doers. Thank you!

If you could not attend, but have a few moments this week, please stop by Gallery Row.  The building has been newly painted and looks lovely. Timberline Gallery and our newest, Gallery Yosemite have beautiful Red Doors.. So do stop by and see what is behind the Red Doors.

"Spirit Dreams" is our special Exhibit, starting September 5th.
Curious? Come see what the artists dream up.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Valerie Runningwolf, Timberline Artist

This is the last week of the special Exhibit of "Zen"
at the Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst.
Next month the exhibit changes to  "Spirit Dreams" 

Valerie Runningwolf is a native of California. She has many  mixed media selections available at the Gallery.
The piece above is titled "Circle of Enchantment", 

Valerie also has some amazing gourd pieces, the one on the left is called "New Dawn Wisdom".
Her art can be seen through out California and Arizona.

Valerie's art reflects her interpretation of ancient motifs and images from a culture that honors the earth.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Coarsegold Historic Museum

Please " Like " us on Facebook, spread the word about our gem of a Museum. Bring a sack lunch and enjoy under the old oaks.  Share our local history.

When was the last time you were on highway 41, near the Casino.. Did you see a little sign saying Coarsegold Historic Museum? Have you visited, called for the open hours ( 559-642-4448), toured to find out a little history about our local families. Who stayed in Coarsegold, why they came, who else besides the Chukchansi lived here, and how they survived?  Have you shown your kids the old Adobe? A Blacksmith Shop, the old stage stop?  One of the first washing machines and all this in your own back yard. And so much more!

The little green school house, called the Picayune School House has so much history. Maybe one of your neighbors went to school there?  Show your kids or grand kids what the desks looked like with out computers.

The Picayune School House will be hosting 2 of our local artists for Sierra Art Trails.
Judy Andes, and Vivian Helena will be at the School house with their art on Oct. 4,5,6 from 10 AM - 6 PM.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

YoYo's on the prowl

A couple of explanations!   I am bringing RiverWind back to life.  It is a blog I started awhile ago.
Sometimes we get to a place in our life where everything does not fit so nicely into a square box.

I am trying to do some writing about the artists at Timberline Gallery, and things I see around town. Town being Oakhurst, Coarsegold and the local communities. And since vivianhelena-creates blog is still on a trip and has some personal "stuff" to tell about, I will continue the trip there.  I have had many tell  me how much they are enjoying our cross country journey and I will bring you back to California.

So here we are back in town.

  The Yoyo's are a quilt circle. What does that mean? The meaning in quilting is a little round piece of gathered fabric, or they could be that toy you had as a child with a string attached.  In this case, a group of ladies chose to name our Quilt Circle,  YoYo's. What do we do, get into mischief, quilt, eat, travel, go on retreats and enjoy each others company. Just have fun!

We also challenge each other, as art quilters.

We have been together for 10 years, hard to believe but true.
Our challenge this time is a 10 X 10 inch square.

We prowled Thimble Town in Visalia for a fabric we all could live with, or create around.

Oh, did I forget to show the fabric,,, sorry,,, got to wait.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sorry, I have not been on this blog in a long time.  So I thought I might experiment for a moment on this one instead of really messing up my viviancreates blog... I have not been able to post my blog to Facebook and still have not figured that issue out.

This portion of "Now" a quilt that I am entering in the Sierra Mountain Quilters for the May show, is one of two wall hangings.. Stay tuned, back on "Creates" for more updating,,, those that get this blog info.... If you know how to get your Blog entries to Facebook, please let me know!  Yes, I have a PC.

I wish it did not seem like I had to relearn everything several times a year... Hope you are having a great day!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time???? and Thoughts

Usually the members sit Timberline Gallery once a month, but I will also be in the Gallery, on Sept. 27th.

The exciting part is we now have Internet connection for the artists that want to participate. So if it is quiet I can get some other work done. The above photo is of my "Day of the Dead" piece, other art pieces are by Julie Mitchell and Valery Runningwolf.

I have been very busy completing projects, jewelry, fiber pieces, and gourds for Sierra Art Trails.

Since I have 2 blogs and "Riverwind" is not getting much attention, probably because I have not paid it much attention and my thoughts about keeping it more for local announcements does not seem to be working to well.. I am going to refer you to my
http://vivianhelena-creates.blogspot.com/ , and close this blog down at least for the time being.

I hope you will pop in and follow at the vivianhelena-creates location. Keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, learning the Iphone,
and trying to update with entries to shows, is a challenge all the artists seem to be having.

So to use the term "busy", is not right.. or not effective.. we are all busy,, hopefully, doing things we love..
I have been pulling out the dried sunflowers and getting ready for Fall and working in the studio. Now that it is cooling off, I am feeling energized.
See you at
Vivian Helena Creates..make it a great day!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

River Knolls is back to a white fence.

We are back to a white fence and colorful little American Flags for Sept. 11.

Thank you to some industrious neighbors, painting in 100 degree weather. Our entry to The Knolls is back to an inviting country lane..
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not a Llama, but a cow.

Ever feel like you have suddenly walked though the looking glass with Alice.? We have 4 llamas, and one is black and white.. I came down to feed, and had a very odd feeling that what I was seeing was very strange... it has 2 horns, round ears and a tail, and is not my black and white llama! No llama's in sight.

I turned and ran to the house for my camera, because no one will believe me, and in the process called my next door neighbor, since he was a cowboy! I had no idea where my llamas were, or where this animal came from.. Monty and his son arrived and tried to get it into the next field, I found the llamas screaming at the other end of this field, as this cow went to the far end the llama's ran toward my neighbors fenced area, where we sometimes let them graze.. at least they were safe.. I thought I could help shoo this guy out, but when he lowered his head at me,,, I thought twice about that.. Finally he ran though our fence and out to the river.

It took me two days to get the llama's to even come home, had to bribe them with grain. Don't things always happen when your husband is out of town? This is the first time we have had a cow in our field, and I hope it is the last... The llama's were not to keen on this guy!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Neighbors, Cows

I was looking for a photo that made me think of slowing down.. What do cows have to do all day... Eat, moo, and enjoy the open fields. I always laugh at them and their sweet faces. Do I look as funny to them as they sometimes do to me. And then I saw this saying on the Daily Om.

The universe is always offering us signs to help us, we just need to slow down and pay attention.

I guess I need to slow down, this is a reminder.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flash Mob Sierra Arts and Friends

Yes, Come to a fun gathering.. meet artists, art lovers, musicians, dancers and your neighbors.

We will have food, by the Produce Place for sale and fun. Wear a funny hat if you wish and a smile to share.... If you would like to paint, there will be a chance to experiment, and everyone is asked, if they have any tube of acyclic paint to share, the balance of it will go to the local schools..

If you have a fun idea, come and do it.. musical instrument, bring it, bright colored scarf, wear it.
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