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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer in the mountains- tourists

Tourist season in the mountains... The buses are arriving.. This is just a few of the buses that stop at our grocery stores in Oakhurst. Giving the people a moment to stretch their legs and purchase something to eat, drink etc.. I think it is fun to hear the different languages spoken, and sometimes I chat with people from Holland.. My parents were born there and I miss hearing Dutch spoken.. Not many relatives left in that beautiful country. I would love to visit there again and see the tulips. Ralph and I had a short stay eons ago, with my aunt in Amersfoort.. I understand they built a new train station there..The old one was lovely, with small tables covered with small carpets. You could sit and eat a snack or have something to drink while you waited for some one to pick you up.. I saw a picture in a magazine of the new one. It is beautiful with lots of glass and brick..
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