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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poppies at the Japanese Center in Hanford

This serene corner of the Japanese Garden with the raked sand and brilliant poppies was just the perfect setting for the morning. We lunched at the Irwin Street Inn in Hanford after our tour.. Everyone should take some time to play.. We even found an Iris Farm on the way home and purchased 4 containers with Iris bulbs.. the surprise will be when they bloom... I asked for yellows, and then what ever. Last time my husband bought Irises all the plants that had ice cream names.. One of the new purchases is named Blue Suede Shoes... bet it is blue!
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Japanese Art & Culture Center

For the first time in a long time we had an opportunity to run away. My P.E.O. group took a trip to Hanford to see the Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture. They have a beautiful exhibit on Japanese screens. We had some delightful docents that are studying here from Australia. There was a bonsai exhibit, and I fell in love with this beautiful tree.. They were all so amazing with their textured trunks and soft looking leaves.. There was also a bonsai pomegranate tree that bears full size fruit.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Grape Vineyards

No, not like elephant trunks.. We walked out into the vineyard and looked at the beautiful formations of the plants. The variety of color, design and texture.. Natures quilt. And the plus is that this gnarled trunk sends out green vines with beautiful leaves and wonderful fruit.. Isn't life amazing!
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Madera Wine Trail

In February 14th, Valentines, my husband and I decided to take the self guided Madera Wine and Chocolate Weekend Tour. We had a wonderful time.. even though we don't drink wine, but we have visiting friends that do.. There was chocolate! And Artists! Several Artist friends were showing their wonderful pieces of art at different wineries. It started out foggy, but soon the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Each winery had it's own special flavor... I am sorry I did not buy some of the flavored olive oils for cooking and salads.. Next time! There was music and lunches at each location. We went by Birdstone, Ficklin, Quady, and Chateau Lasgoity.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rain, Fresno River

You might remember my photo in the summer regarding the lack of a drop of water in the Fresno River.. Well with the rain it is finally running and bringing water to all the wild animals, trees and all that depend on it. It is beautiful to see and hear.. Smells wonderfully fresh, with all the green grass around.. It is a shame that water from the mountains gets diverted by old arrangements and that this will be bone dry in the summer because they Turn It Off.. Politically called diverting to other areas.. I think they are selling it.. and can not find out who.... hope they use it sparingly, because fish, animals and plants die when there is no water...So do our fruits, veggies, and Calif. Farms. Remember what the farms can't grow you can not eat.
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Manzanita with white flowers

I noticed how beautiful my Manzanita bush is growing.. This one has white flowers while the ones in the neighborhood have pink flowers.. We bought this plant when it was just a little baby when we first moved into our home.. Manzanita usually can not be transplanted and I am delighted with the little white bell shaped flowers and the red branches.. Spring is here..
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