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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aging in Place - Jamie

This week at our P.E.O. Meeting, Jamie Blair, one of our members gave a wonderful talk on "Aging in Place'. Something Ralph and I had given some thought to 10 years ago, when we moved to and built our home in Coarsegold.. Just did not know that there was a title to what we were doing.

For instance, when you sought out a place to live in later in life, did you give some consideration to: Natural , and Social environment. Yes, we all look for a wonderful house to live in, a great view, but consideration of a simple thing like stairs for our later years..

Most of us here, did think about the weather, snow, rain, heat.. but no place is perfect, and then how close do you want to be to your family, kids, grand kids etc.. So this is how the general discussion went with Jamie. She told us all about the studies she made of families that have lived in this area for over 30 years.. It was fascinating. Thank you Jamie.

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