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Friday, May 28, 2010

Red Hot Poker and Iris

I love the Spring when all the flowers start to bloom, the trees get shiny new leaves, and the sky is a wonderful blue.. Down side, the weeds are growing twice as tall in all the rain.. and we have had to clear twice instead of waiting and doing it once.. Joys of the country living. A friend gave me a few of her Red Hot Poker plants,, and they are spreading, So this year, there must have been at least 10
of them.. The birds hang on, peck away, and swing in the wind . It is delightful to watch.
Iris are all around in various colors.. I think my husbands favorite is a chocolate Iris,, probably because it reminds him of ice cream.. We purchased a new one called Blue Suede Shoes... Have to decide where to plant it..
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