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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tony Redhouse, Native American Flute Festival

What a fantastic celebration at the Native American Flute Festival in Oakhurst, Calif.. Tony Redhouse preformed music from one of his CD's, Journey to the Four Winds, ( yes, I bought that one )on Fri. night, and he was just one amongst a group of talented flute artists. The festivities were Fri, Sat & Sun in the Oakhurst Park.. with concerts on Fri and Sat. night at the high school auditorium. I will call them concerts, because of the variety of musical instruments demonstrated.. All the musicians played pieces that are on their CD's. I purchased more then I ever had, and was overwhelmed again with variety of flutes, and sounds.

A dear friend of mine was a vender again this year.. Nash makes a unique ceramic flute.. Next year I want to purchase one..actually there is a long wish list of flutes I would love to have..

There is a monthly flute circle at the Positive Living Center in the 3rd Thurs. evening. I have another commitment that evening,, or would love to attend. I hear about all the fun that they have..

I bought a CD called Comanche Peak by Tim Blueflint, and two by a beautiful young women named Rona Yellow Robe, she sang and played her multitude of flutes.. I love it when they tell the story about each flute and explain the differences.
"Voices of the Trees", and "Create your World" are the 2 that Rona brought.

Each artist has a table or stand next to them with an array of flutes, each flute made by different craftsman. They tell their history of how they came to this destination in life, what the flute means to them, a little about their family. Each has a special journey to share, maybe this is what I enjoy as much as the music, the total sharing.

This is an annual event, if you love the Native American Flute or would just like to learn about it, save the week-end in Sept. Next year it will be a Word Music event with many more types of instruments..
This is a wonderful opportunity for our younger citizens to be inspired by beautiful music in the mountains.
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