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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time???? and Thoughts

Usually the members sit Timberline Gallery once a month, but I will also be in the Gallery, on Sept. 27th.

The exciting part is we now have Internet connection for the artists that want to participate. So if it is quiet I can get some other work done. The above photo is of my "Day of the Dead" piece, other art pieces are by Julie Mitchell and Valery Runningwolf.

I have been very busy completing projects, jewelry, fiber pieces, and gourds for Sierra Art Trails.

Since I have 2 blogs and "Riverwind" is not getting much attention, probably because I have not paid it much attention and my thoughts about keeping it more for local announcements does not seem to be working to well.. I am going to refer you to my
http://vivianhelena-creates.blogspot.com/ , and close this blog down at least for the time being.

I hope you will pop in and follow at the vivianhelena-creates location. Keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, learning the Iphone,
and trying to update with entries to shows, is a challenge all the artists seem to be having.

So to use the term "busy", is not right.. or not effective.. we are all busy,, hopefully, doing things we love..
I have been pulling out the dried sunflowers and getting ready for Fall and working in the studio. Now that it is cooling off, I am feeling energized.
See you at
Vivian Helena Creates..make it a great day!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

River Knolls is back to a white fence.

We are back to a white fence and colorful little American Flags for Sept. 11.

Thank you to some industrious neighbors, painting in 100 degree weather. Our entry to The Knolls is back to an inviting country lane..
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not a Llama, but a cow.

Ever feel like you have suddenly walked though the looking glass with Alice.? We have 4 llamas, and one is black and white.. I came down to feed, and had a very odd feeling that what I was seeing was very strange... it has 2 horns, round ears and a tail, and is not my black and white llama! No llama's in sight.

I turned and ran to the house for my camera, because no one will believe me, and in the process called my next door neighbor, since he was a cowboy! I had no idea where my llamas were, or where this animal came from.. Monty and his son arrived and tried to get it into the next field, I found the llamas screaming at the other end of this field, as this cow went to the far end the llama's ran toward my neighbors fenced area, where we sometimes let them graze.. at least they were safe.. I thought I could help shoo this guy out, but when he lowered his head at me,,, I thought twice about that.. Finally he ran though our fence and out to the river.

It took me two days to get the llama's to even come home, had to bribe them with grain. Don't things always happen when your husband is out of town? This is the first time we have had a cow in our field, and I hope it is the last... The llama's were not to keen on this guy!
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