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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Children's Hospital- Ronald McDonald House.

Pop Tops,   Do you save them?  For many years now, we have been saving pop tops. They don't just come off of soda cans. There are soup cans, and tuna cans, just look around your kitchen. They are easy to collect, and clean.

Eons ago, when we lived in Orange Co. a dear lady at our P.E.O  Chapter GB, told us how if you save pop tops Ronald McDonald House receives monies for them.  So it started about 20 plus years ago for me.
When we moved to Coarsegold, I mentioned that to my P.E.O. Chapter GZ, and from then on, they shared pop tops with me and we deliver them to Ronald McDonald House periodically.

I can't remember how much one pound of pop tops were 20 years ago, but I remember when we started here 13 years ago that it was .42 cents. It is now $1.00, a pound.

I receive them from friends that have grandkids and families that I don't even know.
They come in baggies, or in 1 gal. plastic containers.

Every few months on our way to Fresno, we drop by Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and drop off the pop tops. They are weighed  I keep track with a receipt.. usually it is about 6 lbs. This time the value was $6.25.  Great donation that for family participation.

Share this with children and grand children, friends and neighbors. It is easy, it is clean and goes to such a good cause. It teaches that even the small things in life are worth something.

Do you have a Children's Hospital near you?  Check it out.  Every little pop top helps.

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