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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time???? and Thoughts

Usually the members sit Timberline Gallery once a month, but I will also be in the Gallery, on Sept. 27th.

The exciting part is we now have Internet connection for the artists that want to participate. So if it is quiet I can get some other work done. The above photo is of my "Day of the Dead" piece, other art pieces are by Julie Mitchell and Valery Runningwolf.

I have been very busy completing projects, jewelry, fiber pieces, and gourds for Sierra Art Trails.

Since I have 2 blogs and "Riverwind" is not getting much attention, probably because I have not paid it much attention and my thoughts about keeping it more for local announcements does not seem to be working to well.. I am going to refer you to my
http://vivianhelena-creates.blogspot.com/ , and close this blog down at least for the time being.

I hope you will pop in and follow at the vivianhelena-creates location. Keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, learning the Iphone,
and trying to update with entries to shows, is a challenge all the artists seem to be having.

So to use the term "busy", is not right.. or not effective.. we are all busy,, hopefully, doing things we love..
I have been pulling out the dried sunflowers and getting ready for Fall and working in the studio. Now that it is cooling off, I am feeling energized.
See you at
Vivian Helena Creates..make it a great day!
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  1. Hi Vivian- I LOVE your "Day of the Dead" piece! Wonderful. I knew you would be interesting if you knew Maureen :)- cheers