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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Veggie Garden & Tomatoes 2011

We had to redo our veggie Garden, move it because I goofed and it was over the septic, and then the wood had rotted.. I planted one zucchini, 2 beans some peppers, tomatoes and marigolds.

Two weeks later, after we got back from a trip, they were doing wonderfully. I do have another area that is 6 ft. X 6ft, and in the direct sun.. This one is under an old oak tree.. and the sun flowers are finding this a wonderful area also.. I think it is going to be over run and a bit wild.. I am closely watching a couple of zucchini develop. Love munching raw right out of the garden.. Most never make it to the kitchen... My English Peas are almost done, with all the heat. I think I picked 10 lbs this year... Have to start them earlier next year!!!

Below is a view down the hill with the tree in the distance that fell in the storm, closer are the wonderful wild sunflowers, this is just a partial view of them..

Ralph and a friend have been cutting up the tree for the last 2 days. We can not leave it there, because it will catch everything coming down river in the winter.. It is amazing what they are finding stuck in the branches. Not all nice, some old tires, some one elses cut wood and anything else that was bobbing by..

It is so sad to see a beautiful oak come crashing down. But we will have wood for next years winter... each piece will have to be hand carried across the sand and up the hill... Not a fun job!

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