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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coarsegold Market, California

A little bit more about our town.. The Coarsegold Market was started in 1850 and is still in existence. Through the years due to fires, new owners and changes in the area, the market has been relocated and is now on Highway 41, bordering the Coarsegold Creek. This painting on the side of the store depicts the history of gold panning, and what the old original store looked like. When we first moved here about 10 years ago.. A bear was found to be rummaging through the trash can near the store. We are about 1 hour from the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park.
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Antiques for the Adobe

We are very grateful that the area families have donated antiques to the museum. We are hoping for additional grants to redo the Old Adobe. If you are traveling in this area, be sure to check out our little Museum. Additional information is available on www.coarsegoldhistoricmuseum.org. A Research book called "As We Were Told, is a collection of family histories and stories of the Eastern Madera County dating back to the 1800's and is available for purchase.
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Yosemite Western Artists

The Yosemite Western Artist group enjoyed a day at the museum. A period dressed model was the subject for many of the artists. Later they sat around having lunch under the shade of old oak trees. Many of the artists show at the local galleries on Gallery Row in Oakhurst.
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The Adobe with the Sunflowers

It takes many volunteers to improve the grounds and to work on keeping the museum open. Yes, this is the Adobe this summer with the Sunflowers in bloom. We did not expect them to grow so tall and it was exciting to see all the color and shade they gave from the hot sun.

The Adobe was used as a way-station for the horse and mule drawn freight wagons that needed blacksmith work and fresh animals. Several families have lived there and it was used as a building to store hay at one time. It dates back to the 1870's.
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Picayune School

The Picayune School was built especially for the Chukchansi Indians in 1913. Many of the ranch children also attend and the school was closed during the war years. It did not look like this in the beginning. Many buildings in this part of Eastern Madera County were built of wood and have burned down, only to be rebuilt with wood from other buildings. The school was moved from it's original location in Quartz Mountain Area for display at the Museum.
With a Grant from the Chukchansi Indian Casino, the school house has been refurbished and is available for use as a meeting room.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Coarsegold Historic Museum

Ralph and I enjoy volunteering at the Coarsegold Historic Museum which is on Highway 41, below the Chukchansi Casino.
It is completely funded by donations from the public. The Historical Society was organized in 1980 at the home of Marjorie Jackson and after a few location changes, they purchased the Willow Glen Property with the barn and old Adobe. Items have been donated and stories collected regarding the history of this area. Much of the history of this area is tied in with the gold panning, mining and ranching. That is the reason for the name Coarsegold. There is gold in them thar hills.. or at least they say so..
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Wayne Boring Sculpture

Hey Neighbor! Wayne Boring is one of the fun people to meet in Coarsegold.. He is a Furniture builder, and Sculpture. For special occasions he dresses as a Pirate, and his wife Barbara plays along in costume also. They make all their own costumes and with their creative personalities the feathers must really fly. If you are lucky you will see them in their Model T driving on Highway 41.
I especially enjoy watching Wayne as Father Christmas handing toys out to the local kids during the holidays.
Wayne has a little store in the Historic Village and can also be found at his home studio. His listing is in the Sierra Art Trails catalogue.
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Wayne's Pirate Ship

My husband Ralph and I were checking out garage sales today and we stopped at Wayne Boring's home and saw the Pirate ship he is building. He told us he took it to Bass Lake for a test and it stayed a float.
After the first fall rain, usually in Sept. or Oct we have tarantulas crossing the street. No, not scary, just part of nature. We live in the country. Good reason to have a Tarantula Festival. If you have a chance to attend, look for Wayne's big big wooden Tarantula at the Historic Village in "down town" Coarsegold and enjoy the fun.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Llama -Cria - Patches

Llamas don't stay babies-crias for very long ! We were given 2 llamas, Indy and Freckles. Indy is a small black and white fixed male and Freckles was the Nanny in a large herd. Freckles was pregnant when she came to live with us. Patches is her baby and looks just like her, only bigger now. After many years Freckles will finally eat grain from both my hands, but will not allow any one to touch her. I know the most asked question is, do they spit. In all the years we have had them, I have never had them give me a real belly spit. I have had a few pieces of grain go over my head when all 4 are trying to get the grain in my hand. In addition to Patches, Freckles, and Indy, we have Misty. More llama photos after the rains and the fields green up a bit, and the llamas look a bit cleaner.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sunflowers are exciting and beautiful. This year we had volunteers (did not plant them) all over the area near the house, and in the fields. Last year I had planted a variety in one area, this year none were in that planter box. The birds had scattered them on the slope and on the other side of the road. The color has to make you smile. Some are one foot tall, and others have grown to over 12 feet. They are just starting to fade due to the hot summer days and we can not water all of them. I have noticed a few weather the heat and no water just fine.. Want to have more of that type sprouting up next year. Enjoy your hot summer days, and remember to smile.
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Family visits

The Capone kids came to visit and help. Each time they come from Orange Co. they add something to our landscaping. One year they built the brick patio in the front yard under the old Oak. A perfect place to sit and enjoy the quiet, until a cat leaps on your lap.. This year they helped put electrical in my Gourd studio, and Ralphs little storage building. It is fun having them visit and enjoy the country, a big change from city living. No snakes this visit.
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