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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Llama -Cria - Patches

Llamas don't stay babies-crias for very long ! We were given 2 llamas, Indy and Freckles. Indy is a small black and white fixed male and Freckles was the Nanny in a large herd. Freckles was pregnant when she came to live with us. Patches is her baby and looks just like her, only bigger now. After many years Freckles will finally eat grain from both my hands, but will not allow any one to touch her. I know the most asked question is, do they spit. In all the years we have had them, I have never had them give me a real belly spit. I have had a few pieces of grain go over my head when all 4 are trying to get the grain in my hand. In addition to Patches, Freckles, and Indy, we have Misty. More llama photos after the rains and the fields green up a bit, and the llamas look a bit cleaner.
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