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Friday, August 14, 2009

Wayne Boring Sculpture

Hey Neighbor! Wayne Boring is one of the fun people to meet in Coarsegold.. He is a Furniture builder, and Sculpture. For special occasions he dresses as a Pirate, and his wife Barbara plays along in costume also. They make all their own costumes and with their creative personalities the feathers must really fly. If you are lucky you will see them in their Model T driving on Highway 41.
I especially enjoy watching Wayne as Father Christmas handing toys out to the local kids during the holidays.
Wayne has a little store in the Historic Village and can also be found at his home studio. His listing is in the Sierra Art Trails catalogue.
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  1. Great photo and post about Wayne. The link to Sierra Art Trails doesn't go anywhere. Same with the one on the other blog about Sky Dyes. I got an error message when I tried both. They act like they are working, but do not at this time.

  2. Ahhh. I posted my comment as a Google member. It gave me the word verification "test" which I obviously passed and then it posted the comment on your blog. Is that the way you want it to work? Or do you want to read the comments and "allow" them before they appear on the blog itself? If you want to approve them, you need to look at your settings again and change the way you have it set to another way so that you read and approve them before they appear. Just a thought to consider--and something that's entirely up to you.