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Monday, November 23, 2009

Hoover vacuum

It is that time of year again, when company comes and the house needs a once or more over.
We have concrete floors through out our house. When we designed and had our house built, we decided since we live on 8 + acres, we did not want carpeted floors.. I did not want to be the "old" lady that kept saying "take off your boots". Truth be told, I am lazy and did not want to take mine off either..

And we also felt we could use that money to build more space. I was suppose to do the grouting, ah well, that is another story! I love my concrete floors, but many ask how I take care of them.. First thought is ignore them, but truthfully, I clean it with a Hoover wet & dry Vacuum my son gave me.. I must say, I mix the Hoover Mate Floor to Floor cleaner with water in my Tupperware bowl and pour it on the floor, then apply the Electronics to scrub and suck up the water.. I started out spritzing from the machine, but it did not hold enough to do 1,000ft, let alone the 2,500 ft. that we have.. So splash it on, scrub and suck it up! Tomorrow is windows, then the turkey. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
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