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Monday, November 2, 2009

Blue Skys over Oakhurst

I was rushing out of the store, on to the next errand. But I did take a moment to look at a fabulous blue sky.. No snow yet.

Ever look at those jet trailings and wonder what all those people are thinking, where are they going, what do they do for a living, are they happy, sad, over worked. Or going to some fantastic party with family.

Flying is not what it used to be in my mothers day. And I have always been thankful for that.. I would not like to get on a plane in, high heels, stockings, dress, hat and gloves. I prefer jeans, tennis shoes, and comfy clothes.. But things have changed since I last flew also.. Now, people wear Flip Flops because they have to take their shoes off.

And I will not tell the last time I wore stockings... One of the reasons we live in the mountains.. jeans are accepted wear.. dressing up to me, is a clean pair of new jeans..
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