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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunsets and Gratitude

It is great fun to travel, visit friends, quilt with other quilters, and just thoroughly enjoy the moments away..

Being grateful is a subject that many of my friends write about.. Each day I am grateful when I get up and see the weather, hug my honey. Be it sunny, raining, or hail, as it did yesterday in Fresno.

I must tell the truth,, I want to be home when it snows,, not up in town trying to get home..
Where I live is not like the snow on the East Coast that I marvel at on the T.V. but enough to make driving the pass home, a bit dicey.

Being grateful is a big part of my daily life.. we are so blessed to have been able to make the choice to live here in the mountains. The friendships we have gathered around us. As a Mixed Media Artist I try to observe and use what is near me with my art...Become involved with nature, the passing of the seasons, the screeching of the hawks at this time of the year.. Even the cats that tend to prowl at night,,, after all Spring is coming...All this plays a part in my daily life.. and I am grateful..

Many of my friends are artist, and all are artists in some way.. the art of living, caring, and enjoying.. The positive and loving in life. We can become side tracked with the news, it can bring us down.. but then I get to thinking about history and the eons ago, where man kind wanted that little piece of land that the other man had,,, and the human ego goes on chasing that dream..

Not much has changed,, so I do my part, I know that living a happy productive life is how I can help,,, We must be grateful, loving, caring and enjoying our family and friends.

I love this time of the year with the fantastic sunsets that nature shares with any one that looks up!
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